A Burning Dream

Nov. 4, 2014 @ 19.00 | Mansion - viale Glorioso 14

by cinquenove

A documentary film about Burning Man.
Directed and produced by Massimiliano Davoli
A film by Massimiliano Davoli and Dario Jurilli

A Burning Dream is an independent road-movie/documentary about the Burning Man Festival, is the personal journey of a man looking for answers. Although many documentaries have already been done about this event, this is the first to describe it in a complete truthful way, getting right to the core of one the biggest gathering in the world rather than explaining anything.

A journey to Black Rock City, the city of 60,000 people that is literally built up every year since 1986 in the occasion of the Burning Man Festival right in the middle of the Nevada Desert, in one of the harshest, unimaginable terrain of the world.

A place where you have permission to do whatever bumps in your mind, in the name of extreme self expression, art, discovery, freedom.

It all started when Mirko, one of Massimiliano's best friends, died.

He then started wondering about the sense of living life in a rushed and unsatisfied society and leave to a -once in a lifetime- journey, from Rome to London, San Francisco and eventually to Black Rock City. Here Massimiliano discovers a new way of being and, finally, have the chance to say the last goodbye to his friend and to let him go. It is a process of release, of learning, of re-birth.

This movie want to show to everyone, Burners and no-Burners, which is the spiritual core of the Burning Man, how this could change people. And it wants to do it without explaining too much but just living Black Rock City's nuances through the main character's eyes and heart.

The film is also available on Vimeo on Demand




Luca: Solo una domanda, sarà sottotitolato in italiano? :D perchè con l'inglese me la cavicchio ma mi dispiacerebbe perdermi qualcosa nei dialoghi.
Ernesto: Sottotitoli in Italiano disponibili
Salvatore: Ci sarò!
Maria Helena: c'è posto x tutti, si?